Local Flavor: Hot Chicken in Nashville

“Hot chicken” is Nashville’s most famous dish. With two equally famous establishments in the city, Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack and Hattie B’s, residents love to argue who fries it best.

> Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack :

Origin: In the 1930s, according to local legend, Thornton Prince came home late again. It wasn’t the first time he’d cheated on his girlfriend,…
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Blogaversary Five: Goal Setting and Keeping

For the last few years, I’ve paused at my travel and blogaversary to both take stock of the goals I set the year before, and make a new round for the year ahead. Since self employment means I don’t quite have a boss to take care of this for me, consider it my annual progress review! My fifth year of blogging and travel was a pivotal one both personally and professionally, progress I credit primarily to the nearly seven months I spent based in Thailan…
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10 of the best national and regional parks in France

France’s green spaces provide the chance to see magnificent wildlife, explore mountain villages or just have a great hike or bike ride

The first (1963) and largest of France’s mainland national parks, the Vanoise is in the French Alps, becoming the Gran Paradiso national park once it’s over the Italian border. Hundreds of trails crisscross the mountainsides where semi-tame marmots come up for a sniff of your picnic and where edelweiss pokes out among the bluey trumpets of gentiana acaulis on the slopes. Lynx, wolves, chamois and ibex descend once the ice has melted in the spring. Surrounded by prestigious ski-resorts, Travel | The Guardian

Hike Your Heart Out Koh Tao: Mango Viewpoint

Koh Tao is unexpected paradise for hiking addicts in Southeast Asia. Recently, I kicked off the Hike Your Heart Out series to highlight some of my favorite island trails, most of which remain hidden gems thanks to the lack of trail maps, marked routes and mentions from guidebooks and travel blogs. I’m excited about creating a resource to help travelers and locals alike to lace up their trainers and wander the island we affectionately call The Rock.

This edition is dedicated to a popular ro…
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Finland’s sauna scene as hot as ever

Helsinki’s public saunas refused to throw in the towel to developers and are flourishing. Paul Hirons visits trendy spas and tiny shacks, and makes a dash to Lapland

In the locker room of Sauna Hermanni, one of the few remaining public saunas in Helsinki, I bumped into Paul, an octogenarian who was cooling down after his weekly steam clean, reading his newspaper dressed only in a saggy white vest. I asked him why he came here every week, and after a moment’s contemplation, he said with a shrug: “I couldn’t imagine life without it.”

For Finns, life without sauna is unthinkable, but for it to survive against c…
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Austria in 6 (or More) Cakes: The Pistachio Problem

For reasons that are hard to track down, the Mozart Kugel – Austria’s famous Mozart Ball chocolate – is filled with pistachio marzipan. Theory: Mozart made several journeys to Italy as a young man and while there, he became fond of pistachios which were commonly used in Italian desserts.


The pistachio has been in trade since biblical times; it was a highly valued crop. So it’s also possible that pistachio is more random choice that relies on the nut’s identity as a luxury item – we’ll use pistachio because it’s fancy! Mozart is fancy! So, Mozart equals pistachio!

Maybe. Maybe not.

It’s not just about chocolates, it’s also about cake. Th…