How Much Does Tomorrowland Brasil Cost?

International music festivals don’t come cheap. But exactly how many dollars do you have to drop to attend Tomorrowland? The answer varies wildly — I’ve met festival goers who get by on the cheap by pitching their own tent, bringing in food and generally being frugal, and I’ve met straight up party people who drop what I spent the entire weekend on bottle service in the VIP tent for a night.

This is my personal real for real breakdown of what I spent at Tomorrowland Brasil, as someone who I th…
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Pigskin Bomb, Prohibition and a Wacky Restaurant Score Historic ‘Firsts’ for Mazatlan


Photo shows sites of two of Mazatlan’s “firsts”: Neveria Hill (rear of picture) and the historic Hotel Belmar, opened in 1920 on Olas Altas.

Besides the dubious distinction of being the first city on this side of the world to be bombed from the air, Mexico’s Pacific port at Mazatlan was home to the country’s first beach resort – at a time when toda…
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