10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Jerome BRUDHON

Michel Blum, typical supervisor: an excellent profession in company and cuisine in probably the most prestigious institutions in metropolitan France has authorized him to achieve knowledge in Firm, staff administration techniques and culinary generation. Michel can be a crucial aspect of the Group's procedure at Castel.

• Nancy Brudhon (the mom): Previously administrative assistant, Nancy recognized the bet of conversion by taking brilliantly in hand the sales workforce of your bakery-pastry, the guardian company from the Group.

• Yannick Hébrard: chef within the Jean Chatel glacier. A talent from the pure point out … A veritable artisan of haute cuisine icy, this unique Auvergnat shines with its method, its creativeness. He aspires to become at some point improved worker of France.

• Gilles Héron: baker-pastry chef. A former globetrotter from the profession, he labored which has a couple of bakery cadors ahead of turning out to be one of the Team's most important pegs within the age of 26. He manages his crew masterfully which is an actual strength of proposal at Castel.

• Françoise Bourdois: Administrative and Money Director. Beautifully at ease in the administrative and accounting universe, Françoise is now in the number of years the actual keystone of the administrative coordination amongst the different businesses with the Team.

• Gilles Bojan: media person, he joined the team at the conclusion of 2008 to guarantee interaction and enhancement missions. His role: to rely on his expertise in the sector and The task to make Jerome BRUDHON sure that Castel develops its impact and notoriety in Reunion but will also past our borders.